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We strive to make a difference

The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is a problem. By exploring the challenges faced across ecosystems, our drive is to educate young children and adults alike with the awareness Needed to address the looming problems and strive for a sustainable future for all living things.

Since 2000



Our Mission

Cedar Cove is a nonprofit conservation and educational center committed to the care and preservation of endangered species while educating the public on the importance of their preservation and that of their natural ecosystems, as well as the impending dangers of their extinction.


By providing sanctuary for animals that find themselves displaced and with no natural home of their own, we are able to share their stories and that of their wild counterparts with unlimited individuals, groups and communities.

We hope to effect real change in favor of efforts supporting conservation by acting as a beacon to raise awareness to the plights facing these and all species, and to begin the dialogs that must take place to comprehend the scope and severity of the problems that face us all. 

Finally, we strive to explore the options and possibilities that may provide answers to the larger scale activities that are having the most devastating impact on our ecosystems.

We firmly believe that there is hope for a return to a sustanable balance between our species and the ecosystems we so heavily depend on, and hope to help illuminate the many possible paths forward to a world that is sustainable and just for all living things.