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Your Support Makes Our Work Possible!

Cedar Cove is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with the mission of helping animals in need and spreading awareness and education to help make a difference in the lives we care for and the lives we touch. Your generous support goes directly towards the care of our friends and the improvement of their lives. Thank you!

Help Improve Our Care!

Your donations can help us achieve projects and obtain the equipment that improves our care and ability to make an impact! Check out the projects below to see what we’re working to accomplish and how you can help!

Food Storage: Walk-In Freezer

Caring for any animal starts with having a good supply of fresh food on hand, and for carnivores, that can be a tall order. The addition of a large, sub-zero walk-in freezer allows us the ability to accept the larger meat donations and ensure that we can keep a good supply on hand with reserves to spare. This addition to our current storage extends our reserve capacity with an extensive margin of security, ensuring all our animals get the best selection of food at all times!

Veterinary Equipment: Bio-Monitoring Hardware

Caring for any animal starts with a focus on their health, and with regular veterinary checkups and exams, access to on-site support equipment ensures the best care can be provided, whether its administering vaccinations, or performing extensive procedures. Find out more about how our veterinary care works and how you can help us provide the best for our furry friends!

Motive Power: The Tools to Do the Job.

With nearly 150 acres of land to care for and manage, and an extensive facility to improve and maintain, there’s always plenty of work to be done. Whether its shaping new habitats, hauling gravel to make new paths for our guests, or moving the materials needed to improve our exhibits, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Read more to learn what tools we can make the most use of and how you can get involved in shaping our future!