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Join Our Team!

At its core, Cedar Cove has grown and thrived through the spirit of caring and giving that started with our founder, William Potorff, and is a hallmark of all the volunteers making a difference at Cedar Cove

For the animals in our care, and for the guests that find a whole new world beyond that first spark of curiosity, it is a difference between survival and extinciton for all of us.

Become part of our team and make a difference!



Minimum 3 days/month, age 18yrs+. Our most intensive training program with accompanying responsibilities involving food and medication preparation, enrichment, and habitat cleaning and care, as well as overlapping Tour Guide roles. 


Minimum 2 days/month, tour guides are responsible for group safety and must convey extensive knowledge across a broad spectrum of topics with good presentation and crowd skills.


Minimum 1-2 days/month, hospitality volunteers are the first contact for guests, run admissions/gift sales, field phone calls, and assist guests with specific needs.


Minimim 1-2 days/month age 16yrs+, assists with maintenance, plantings, establishment and development of public grounds and gardens as well as grooming and horticultural development of future landscapes.


Minimum 1-2 days/month, assist with upkeep and development of structures, pathways, utilities, tools, vehicles and various projects.