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Cedar Cove Feline Conservation Park, Inc. is a 501-C3 non profit corporation. All the park staff are volunteers who invest in the upkeep and care for the cats at the park and we greatly welcome any and all donations.


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Friends of Cedar Cove
3783 Highway K68
Louisburg, KS 66053

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Health Facility Completion

Project: Health Facility Completion
Project Description:
   Recently, we completed the construction of the main structure for our Health Facility, and our next objectives are to pay it off and equip it! We'll be finishing the structure into a climate controlled facility that can be used year-round for veterinary procedures on all the animals, allowing a safe, quiet recovery and observation environment ensuring the rapid response and continued security of our animal charges.
Estimated Cost: $80-85,000
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Tiger Habitat Construction
Project: Tiger Habitat Construction
Project Description:
This major project involves strategically segmenting our existing primary habitat into a circuit of six sub-habitats, each with a modern den/enclosure for ease of cleaning and animal well-being, varied terrain landscaping and individual water features/platforms.
Estimated Cost: $$$$$
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