Volunteer Opportunities
Cedar Cove has been built and operated by volunteers. People from all walks of life have found a calling and given part of their lives in the cause of helping to preserve these majestic friends who ironically are endangered by the one species who is so fascinated with them... and the one species that can save them.

“The passion that each volunteer brings to Cedar Cove continues to inspire me! The visitors also encourage me when they tell us how beautiful our animals are and how well cared for they appear to be.” BJ Auch, Senior Curator

Park Volunteers

Cedar Cove is seeking dedicated individuals with the ability to devote time each week to learning about and caring for the animals and their habitats at Cedar Cove.
A broad spectrum of help is needed to keep the animals safe and healthy and operate the park--from office work to habitat building. Interested parties are given a behind-the-scenes tour of the park and trained in their area(s) of interest.
Depending on abilities, skills, and training, volunteers provide a wide variety of essential services:
  • Aiding with grounds care
  • Constructing and improving habitats
  • Repairing the facilities
  • Watering the animals
  • Cleaning the cages
  • Feeding the animals
  • Washing and preparing food
  • Picking up meat donations
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Managing the data base
  • Writing grants
  • Handling public relations
  • Planning events
  • Researching educational resources
  • Running the front desk and gift shop
  • Giving tours
And much more

For more information on how your interests and skills would be a great fit for helping the big cats of Cedar Cove, contact Cammy Colton, Director, Volunteer Training (913) 208-9963.
Project Volunteers
In addition to needing volunteers to help with the weekly management of the park, we also have opportunities for individuals or groups to work on specific park projects, for example facility maintenance and repair and new construction.
We are seeking volunteers who are competent carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and welders to meet the habitat needs of our feline population.
For additional information on the projects, materials, and tools we're in need of and how to contribute your skills, please visit Park Projects or contact Steve Klein, Senior Curator, (816) 674-1810.
School and Corporate Partners
The park offers many opportunities for schools and businesses with philanthropic service goals to conduct group-participation projects. For ideas on how to provide your students/associates with a one-of-a-kind philanthropic service experience, contact Bettie Auch, Senior Curator, (816) 739-0363.