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CEDAR COVE Conservation & educatioN Center

We cannot survive without them.


The greatest and smallest creatures of this Earth are in increasing danger of extinction with each year that passes as humans move unchecked through one ecosystem after another.




Our survival is linked with their survival and the health and ability of these ecosystems to handle adversity and change.


The challenges ahead are staggering, but not insurmountable, and by fostering awareness and a dialog, we can begin to effect real change that gives them a real chance.














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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Cedar Cove is a non-profit sanctuary and educational center committed to the care and preservation of endangered species while educating the public on the importance of their preservation and that of their natural ecosystems, as well as the impeding dangers of their extinction.

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Cedar Cove is open year-round with public tours available every Saturday and Sunday, and Private and School tours available during the week. Call or email us to inquire about school rates and bookings. 

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